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Ultra Anchor Product Animation

We were asked by a manufacturer of nautical equipment to create an animation demonstrating the effectiveness of their high-tech anchor. Our video shows various situations in which the anchor excels portrayed in a realistic style, using 3D animation to clearly illustrate its performance in marine environments, as well as using simplified graphic sequences where a more schematic approach was […]

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Healthcare presentation video

This presentation video was produced for London agency Hive for one of their clients. We worked with Hive to source and refine the imagery used to present various medical themes in the video. The final animated sequence of the Bonsai Tree was created from a single still image and 3D elements.

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Microsoft Navision Presentation Graphics

Microsoft Business Solutions Presentation Graphics Osis were contracted by MRM London to provide new presentation graphics for a Powerpoint presentation sales tool being developed for Microsoft Business Solutions. Our brief was to re-interpret and illustrate the original presentation concept and supply additional graphics supporting the new theme. Our work involved analysing the processes described by each slide […]

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Educational Multimedia Presentations

Lulworth Education contracted Osis to produce 3 multimedia CD-ROMS containing a variety of key stage learning resources. Lulworth Education officers are very active in promoting and educating the public about the local area which comprises some of the most famous geological formations in the UK. They have produced a wealth of learning materials on various […]

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'Paper to patient' healthcare animation

We were asked to create a series of 3D animations to be used in an interactive healthcare animation. Each short sequence needed to dovetail with a number of connected sequences which would play according to user interaction. We were supplied with graphics and storyboards, which we then transferred to 3D to create the paper cut […]

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Seer Table Product Animation

A simple product animation - we created a 3D animation of this table showing its unique design. The client was eager to show the finish of the materials as realistically as possible so we focused on lighting and texture to get the look just right. 3D animation product animation

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IHS Janes multimedia presentation

Osis produced a series of 3 multimedia presentations for IHS Janes. These product demos consist of Flash movies which are embedded on the client's web site, showcasing features and benefits of Janes tools and products. In each case a Power point outlining the desired sequences and effects was supplied, along with image assets and various […]

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Kundalini Animation

Jewellery Designer animation This animation was produced for one of our more esoteric clients, who wished to depict the process of awakening kundalini energy as an intro to a cosmic backdrop for their products. Incorporates a mix of static and 3D imagery 3D animation  

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Fossil animation

How a fossil is made - visitor centre animated presentation. Produced for a visitor centre in Dorset, this animation tells the story of an Ichthyosaur - a Jurassic fish - and how it comes to light millions of years later as a fossil on the Dorset coast. We created the 3D model based on fossil […]

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Multimedia design for DVD producer

Baby IQ produce and distribute high quality infant DVDs incorporating music from the London Symphony Orchestra and supported by the National Literacy Trust. They approached Osis a while back for a homepage animation for their site. Our involvement grew over time as we provided a full multimedia service including: web site design, 3D modelling, packaging design and […]

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