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777 - animated music video

Music animation created for Coppe & The Program track '777'. Music by Coppe & The Program (Dij & Nico), animation by OffOnOne (Shannon Ribbons from Osis Design). visuals created in After Effects with large doses of Element 3D animation plugin.

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Evosys explainer video

Explainer video for software company Evosys. Evosys design bespoke Intelligent Decision Support Systems - this video introduces their product

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TTIP Video

TTIP video by Off On One. Off On One is an offshoot of Osis Design with a slightly skewed focus on current issues. This video is an Off On One collaboration (featuring music by Dij) describing some of the issues around TTIP - The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

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Pear Animated Presentation

A short animated presentation introducing the client's services using a fictional company called 'Pear'. A little bit of 3D add some pizazz to the story...

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Patient healthcare information animation

We created this video for London healthcare communications agency Hive. Combining live action, 3D and 2D graphics, our job was to composite, animate and render all the elements into an informative and engaging video communicating the nature and proprietary treatment of diabetes.

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Flight Communication Presentation

This is one of a series of short animations we produced for Edifly. Used as part of their business presentation, we show using simple, clear graphics how their traffic control software interacts with existing systems.

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Animated marketing video

Made Closer aims to bring an ethical and sustainable focus to on-line shopping. Storyboarded and produced by Osis, we created this viral animation as a brief introduction to the ideas behind Made Closer and how it works. Our brief was to appeal to as wide a target group as possible, apart from that we had creative license as far as […]

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Chequebook animated presentation

Hague Print create software that allows banks to print individual chequebooks on demand and on the premises. This is an important service for some countries where the alternative is a lots of waiting and travelling for customers needing an new chequebook. This animated presentation shows such a scenario while introducing to the customer the benefits of […]

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Marketing Video for Made Closer

Produced for the marketing department of Made Closer, our video presents the Made Closer brand and introduces some of the features and benefits to potential affiliates. Made Closer is developing a new ethical consumer portal allowing customers to make purchases that help local business and infrastructure. Our marketing video incorporates some of the content we […]

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McAfee screensaver animation

One of several animations we created to promote a McAfee and Virgin partnership. We designed and produced this animation using Flash with some additional After Effects effects. This screensaver was displayed in airport terminals on Virgin staff computer screens.

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