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25th February 2019
Interactive Animated Presentation

This job involved creating an interactive presentation for our client that would be run on a touchscreen at a trade fair. Using pre-rendered sequences of driving along a branching road, the user clicks on a desired destination on the bottom menu, and the application loads the relevant animation and plays it. When reaching the 'destination' […]

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24th November 2017
Data Analytics Animation

 Our new animation for Evosys - presenting their Data Analytics software. Built in After Effects with some Element 3D.

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15th August 2017
Mentfield Presentation

We have just produced an animated presentation for Mentfield. Mentfield contacted us to help them with an important pitch to a major client of theirs. They wanted to take something more dramatic than a powerpoint, so they asked us to design and produce this animated presentation - shown here is an edit omitting their client […]

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18th February 2017
Introducing WatHIQ - explainer movie

Osis have produced an explainer movie for Evosys, this time introducing their social media app 'WatHIQ'. WatHIQ allows users to share and view video, notes and photo posts, filtered by time and location. Produced in After Effects using graphics designed to appeal to target users of the app.

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2nd June 2016
Payzone Presentation

We were asked by Bournemouth agency Fathom to turn their storyboard and graphics into an animation for their client. The video explains the benefits of the Payzone system to shop owners in a short 3 minute colourful animation.

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30th September 2014
Evosys explainer video

Explainer video for software company Evosys. Evosys design bespoke Intelligent Decision Support Systems - this video introduces their product

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25th March 2014
Pear Animated Presentation

A short animated presentation introducing the client's services using a fictional company called 'Pear'. A little bit of 3D add some pizazz to the story...

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22nd January 2014
Patient healthcare information animation

We created this video for London healthcare communications agency Hive. Combining live action, 3D and 2D graphics, our job was to composite, animate and render all the elements into an informative and engaging video communicating the nature and proprietary treatment of diabetes.

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19th September 2013
Flight Communication Presentation

This is one of a series of short animations we produced for Edifly. Used as part of their business presentation, we show using simple, clear graphics how their traffic control software interacts with existing systems.

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5th August 2013
Chequebook animated presentation

Hague Print create software that allows banks to print individual chequebooks on demand and on the premises. This is an important service for some countries where the alternative is a lots of waiting and travelling for customers needing an new chequebook. This animated presentation shows such a scenario while introducing to the customer the benefits of […]

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