11th September 2013
Get ahead with Free 3d Sculpting software

I have been looking at ZBrush for some time now, having tried the demo a while back, but could never quite justify the expense for what would be a pretty niche tool in my animation workflow. I loved its sculpting tools, and the ease in which an organic model could be created from scratch. Every […]

5th August 2013
3D animation plug in for After Effects

Our recently completed animated presentation for Hague Print saw us trying out a new funky plugin for After Effects called Element 3D, available from Video Copilot. I have found Video Copilot to be an amazing resource for After Effects tips, tutorials and scripts, but I think they have outdone themselves with this piece of software. […]

26th June 2013
Easy file upload from a web form

Here's an easy way to let users upload images or other files from a web form. Unless you're going to code this the hard way, I believe the solution is about as simple and elegant as can be...as long as you have a Dropbox account. Jotform is an online form builder - free with powerful […]

12th June 2013
People are ready...

What are people ready for? This image might give you a few clues... Its all to do with our new, soon to be released video, when it goes live all will be revealed...  

12th June 2013
Isle of Purbeck Brewery Badges 2

And here's the new one... As promised, the second brewery badge we have designed for the Isle of Purbeck Brewery, again with a rather 'quirky' theme - 'the 'BullShip' name comes from the fact that the brew is inspired by the 'Bull & Boat' restuarant...

26th May 2013
Photoshop resize trick

Here's a great tip I discovered today for resizing one image in Photoshop to be the same pixel dimensions as another. Its an example of  how commands and utilities in Photoshop can just sit there hidden in plain sight... So, to get one image to be exactly the same as another, open both images, select the on […]

2nd May 2013
Isle of Purbeck Brewery badges

Something a little different - but a lot of fun to work on: here's a pump clip design for our local brewery, (whose IPA remains a favourite of ours...). This is for a seasonal beer of theirs (an autumn brew as you can probably guess). Anyway, this was actually produced a few years ago, the […]

15th April 2013
Made Closer video finished... new one starting

Our consumer video is in the can and will be launched soon - we'll post launch dates here. Meanwhile we are now storyboarding a new animation/presentation for merchants, possibly to be re purposed as an interactive Flash presentation (allowing viewers to profile themselves and learn about their segment's benefits and rewards). View the consumer video here

14th March 2013
Animation project concepts

We have agreed a visual style and storyboard for our new viral video - above are some samples of the approved character and scenes to be used. We're working to a pretty tight deadline and budget so its time to get our heads down and get to work. Next steps are to itemise each scene […]

8th March 2013
Restaurant Re-Brand

We have been involved with a local restaurant over many years, they have just re-branded themselves and we have supplied their new website and visual assets; including logo, menu, and invites for opening do... They haven't quite opened their doors yet, so prior to their full launch (including website) here's a taste of what we have been […]

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